Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today... I am full of wonder... not necessarily all the 'wonderment" of good things... but here's my list!

I am wondering how long it will take Fed-Ex to deliver my cell phone? ... Mind you, it started out in PA, had to go to NJ to be sorted, then trucked back to the distribution hub in PA, and then put on the truck to be delivered today... they said by 4:30... they've got 2 more hours!

I am also wondering... why is it that one "Big Dude" at UPS has it in for my DH? He literally knit-picks every job that DH does... and now has requested that the Manager of the company drive up and inspect and evaluate the work my DH does. Does this mean that a window is about to open... could it be that we will either have to move back to MD or look for other work?

I am wondering... about friends... and how they manage to go and do other things in their lives, and cannot follow through on returning calls or emails. It always bothers me to be placed at such a low priority that it can take over a week to hear from anyone... and of course, family???? that's a whole other story... I often wonder how long I should go before picking up the phone and calling to say... hey... I'm still here!

I often wonder... just who really reads this... and if they do, why do they never leave a comment? I just would like to know if you liked what I wrote... or if you even care... (Not you, Pearl or Sandra!)

I am wondering... if I should get another dog... I would love to add to our household. But if we end up moving, that would make it harder. And then there's my knees and going up and down steps all day with animals... hmmm.... it's a big decision. And how would Nolli really feel? He's a very sensitive little guy, and I don't want him to feel slighted.

I am also wondering about all the projects I want to do in this cottage. We are about to embark on a few things... like finishing the outside steps, building a pantry, and my redoing all the curtains in the living room and making new seat covers for the dining room. Am I about to take on too much?

I am wondering... about my scheduled endoscopy for this Friday. Has anyone out there had one and care to share your experience? This is a procedure that I have to go to by myself... DH has too much on his plate on Friday to even attempt to go with me.

I am wondering... will Summer ever show up? It's been rather cold today... the house has been quite chilly all day. I had to go sit out in the sun for a bit to get warm!

That's enough wondering for this afternoon... have I bored anyone to tears yet? I hope y'all still are willing to hang with me after all this wondering!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Sandy said...

Suzanne, I have a long list of blogs that I check daily, but rarely comment on any. I just like to check in and see how others spend their day. I don’t feel comfortable commenting or giving advice to people that I don’t know personally. One thing that I have wanted to tell you but have not felt comfortable in doing so (remember…you asked for comments!) is please be careful in what you say about your DH’s job and/or boss on-line. You just never know who might be reading and I would hate for something to get back to them and they take it personally and retaliate. That being said I wish you well in your quest for good health (good is about all we can ask for at our age…I am 43). Don’t feel too bad about not hearing from family. I come from a pretty large family spread from Alaska to Florida and have all but given up hearing from them. I guess they are either too busy or just not as sentimental about family as we are. I take some comfort in knowing that I at least tried. I envy your weather. Here in NC it is so hot and humid, not to mention the mosquitoes, that you can’t step outside without feeling faint. Oh, and I would hold off on another dog. If you have knee problems you really don’t want to worry about having a new dog under foot…could be dangerous. Well I think I have “commented” enough. I do not have a blog myself but am on Twitter (yes, I follow you) as dawdawsmom, but I Twit’ just about as frequent as I comment on blogs ;- ) Take care, Sandy

JO said...

Hi Suzanne,
I read you almost EVERY single day (sorry, bad about commenting) - but I love your simple easy lifestyle. ALthough I love my life and my houseful of confusion, I am a bit envious at times of the simplicity. Keep posting girl! God bless!


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: Sounds like things are caving in around you a little. DH sounds like he really gives his all at work and "le boss" is a little difficult. Sometimes people stay difficult forever, but in the past I just wished them a promotion or something positive (if the job was worth staying for) and off they went. Maybe it was a little prayer answering session I don't know , but it has worked in the past.
Good luck with your knees, Suzanne. If it isn't bone rubbing on bone you.ve got a half a chance to exercise them and they'll come back almost as good as new.
I like stopping by. I love your cottage. It's so cute.
Best always, Sandra