Friday, July 10, 2009

Snails Pace

I am moving slower than a snails pace today... My blood pressure still is not down even though they doubled my dosage of "the big, heavy hitter." So, now he's doubled the dosage of the second one to see if we can get the numbers down. He said it might slow me down a little... this is more than a little, but I'll make the adjustment eventually.

I'm glad that it's the weekend... and glad that we can just hang out tomorrow and do what we want... maybe a little laundry and vacuuming, a swish of the feather duster, and we are pretty much done. If fact, I may just work on getting all that done this afternoon while I wait for DH to come home from work. It is Friday after all... and we all know that his supervisor likes to "screw him over" on Friday! Hopefully, he will make it home before 7pm for a change. (I've been praying about my attitude and the Sup's as well... change us both, Lord!)

I did stop by the flower shop yesterday... the owner of the shop finally did some maintenance on the place and had an electrician come in and fix both lights in the work area and in the cooler door! It looks so good in there now. (And you can see what colors you are really working with!... Not that I am doing any work!) It's a small improvement, one that was needed months ago. If it were my shop... I'd give the place a new paint job, inside and out, add a little landscaping and better signage... and reset the layout inside and merchandise, merchandise, merchandise! But... that's not my shop. If I ever win powerball... I'd buy it in a New York minute and do it up right! Miss J knows how I feel about the shop and what needs to be done... if only the owner would listen! (wow... how did I get here?)

I did go to Och's Country Market today... it's truly out in the country! They had some lovely Shasta Daisies that I would have loved to have bought. But, alas, I have no place to put them, and I don't know if I have the energy right now to dig up part of the yard or go out and buy a barrel for them. So, instead, I bought a little fresh produce for dinner and few bulk staple items that I can't find in town. It was fun and I will have to take DH with me next time as I couldn't decide on what kind of pie to buy! We may head over to the Amish Farm Market in the Poconos tomorrow... I am almost out of their delicious rolled creamy butter... that stuff is fabulous! And I can always use more farmer's cheese too!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: Glad to hear you had a great time at the family reunion. Hope you were able to get some me and thee time in with hubs today, Saturday. You both need some time out it sounds like.
Let us know what kind of pie you wound up getting at the market.
Best always, Sandra
ps hope the meds are working ok now