Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from P/T

Okay... I went to physical therapy... I was in no condition to get in the pool. Even my therapist said so! So... I'm back to taping and banding... with lots of bedrest and ice packs. I think the the therapist should come over and do the laundry for me since I have to stay down... I think it's a fair trade! (Poor DH will get that job... it's only 2 loads, and most of it is his!)

Okay... I'm heading for the bedroom... with lots of pillows and ice packs. Nolli dog will be keeping me company... he's real good at that! I'm gonna try and not be bored, and maybe even read for a little while! (It's been awhile since I've picked up a book!)

Thanks for reading... and putting up with my cranky self! Be blessed!


Sandy said...

Guess you over did it over the past few days. I am always looking for an excuse to pick up a good book. Sit back, relax and read your troubles away! (And no more over doing it!)

Suzanne said...

Sandy... the therapist totally understood how I over did it... he said that when one has been in pain for as long as I have been, it's easy to want to go out and do everything. (And that's what I did... everything that my little heart wanted to do! And now, I'm grounded... with ice packs!) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully a little R@R will put you back in good shape. Take good care of yourself, Suzanne.
Best always, Sandra