Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Decision...

has been made... and DH felt that it would be too hard on me right now to try and train a puppy. He is worried about my "bad days" and how I would manage to get a puppy downstairs to go potty. He's right... because Nolli is trained... and he can also hold it for over 12 hours if he has to... he's only ever had 1 accident, bless his puppy-dog heart!

On another front... I just got back from taking DH to the doctor. He had a very scary episode with his vision this morning, having blind spots and wavy sight. He's checked out okay... but needs to go for a "headache work-up". It seems he had the on-set of a migraine... and has no history of them. We are not certain what the triggers are... but we are now going to be more watchful. We have eliminated several things already... and who knows... it may be some of the things we eliminated!

I'm off to get my next Hyalgan injections today! I am so glad... and so looking forward to the pain relief. We may have to leave soon... the National Weather Service just issued a Tornado warning for our area and we will be under watch until 8pm tonite! Yikes!

Thanks for reading... Thanks for your thoughts and comments, they mean so much! Be Blessed!
~Suzanne (OH... flash flood warnings just came across too! Wow!)

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Sandy said...

I think you have made the right decision on holding off on getting a new puppy. (And for the right reasons!) Just give Nolli your extra lovin'. I think I might know the cause of your DH migraines...he does too much laundry! (Just go with it DH ;-)