Friday, July 24, 2009

The Day After...

Yesterday was very interesting... DH took me to the hospital for my upper endoscopy. Parts of were good and parts were not so good, as any hospital stay. The Day Surgery suite is a little sparse as far the rooms go. And my nurse made me wish that my neighbor Louise had been there to do my I.V. She could not get it in on my left hand... muttering to herself about a bi-valve must be there. I tried to explain to her, that was the hand my last I.V. was in... but she was too busy talking to herself. I told her to move it up my arm... but, no... she decided to go for my right hand instead. I instructed her to make the tourniquet tighter down my arm... I told her that there were good veins there. She finally listened and got it in. Poor DH had to almost leave the room through this episode because I was crying as I tried to help the nurse. Needless to say, my left hand is killing me this morning!

Everyone is the surgical suite was wonderful... they all had a good sense of humor and were very pleasant. They all loved my pretty pink nail polish and liked my pedicure. (I chose the same pink color I got for my wedding day! OPI's Married in the Chapel.) I now understand about using Diprivan is a powerful and amazing drug. It worked well for me and I woke up feeling pretty well. My throat really didn't hurt at all. They didn't keep me too long in recovery... and sent me back to my room quickly. Only a little bit of a head rush coming through the halls with no glasses. (They gave me medicine for my tummy so I wouldn't get sick.)

I do have an ulcer starting... no sure where that came from... the doctor said he sent "something to the lab for analysis... but I cannot remember what he said! I have to go and see him next week. He was very pleased with the outcome... so there we are! I cannot drive for 24 hours... and last night, I got a pretty good headache and some nausea. I took some Aleve and headed to bed... and stayed there. This morning... I still have a little bit of wooziness and I'm trying to take it easy. I wanted to get laundry started... and I have some of it sorted out. That's as far as I've gotten.

On the knee front... I can say that I cannot wait for the whole series to be done! I am feeling so good! I still get some knee pain, but as I do simple movement... the pain that was there has gone down to a minimal amount of 1-2 on the pain scale! Wow!

We are ready for the weekend... we may be picking up a new to us freezer from Craigslist. We shall see tonight if we get it. I am excited about having a freezer so that I have enough room for bread and meats that I find on sale. There are always so many kinds of things I want to get at Wegmans... but I can't as I don't have freezer space to keep it all. I think it would make for more interesting lunches for DH as well. Let's hope this works out! (If not, it just means that I have to wait another month to get a new one.) We have more to do on the patio project... but it will be finished soon! It's so nice to have the extra space and it seems funny to think we didn't have it before! Wow... have I chatted your ear off today???

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that your trip to the hospital went well, Suzanne. You'll be a brand new woman soon. I'm glad you are home in time to spend a nice weekend with DH. It's so nice to walk without pain.
Best always, Sandra

troutay said...

Good to hear that things went well.
Don't do the laundry, just rest!
One can not push healing.