Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Has It Really Been 4 Days???

Time flies... and yes, sometimes, I was having fun! When I last posted... I was waiting for the appraiser to come. He showed up just a few minutes after I posted. He took a look downstairs first, since I left the garage door open for him. (Nothing like someone checking out my husbands pile of junk in the basement, along with all of his boxes of parts!) Anyway, it was actually kind of nice to have him come upstairs to look around. I don't know what he was actually expecting... but he walked into our living room and exclaimed, "Oh... this is so nice!" I guess he likes what we've done to the place. Good thing we hadn't started on our patio project yet!

Anyway... back to Friday. I went to see a Surgeon on Friday.... he's going to be doing an endoscope on me. He was really quite interesting and we hit it off right from the start. He asked me a ton of questions, and when he got through some of my medical history, it was evident to him that I have an issue in my throat stemming from my radiation treatment during my Thyroid cancer and subsequent body scans. I guess the radiation is causing me to have some swallowing issues... so he's going to go look down my throat... and check for any other weird things like a hernia... and also stretch my esophagus! That is going to happen this Thursday. I will be making another trip to the hospital for labs, and then the procedure. (I'm sure that admissions is getting to know me by sight now!)

Over the course of the weekend... we started a little patio project... and it's turning out rather lovely. We are using 16x16 red stone pavers and Hubs is also going to put in a graded path to the side of the house. We have also "found" a new cement pad (Hubs dug it up from under all the topsoil from the many years of snow plowing!) and have moved the grill up from the side of the house as well. It looks wonderful, and we are only halfway finished with it after working on it for 2 days straight. When it is done... I will be posting pictures.

Yesterday, I went to physical therapy... I have a new therapist... whom I really like. He actually talked me into doing taping and banding on my knees. I wasn't too gung-ho on the idea, but once he thoroughly explained it and did an actual demonstration on my leg... I understood it and it felt so much better! I say that now... but it was very uncomfortable last night, trying to sleep. And I wanted to do pedicure.. but couldn't get my knee bent! So... my sweet DH decided that I needed to go and get one today! He's so wonderful! I also have my first Hyalgan injection today... so looking forward to that... and hoping that I will be able to put the cane away again, very soon! Oh.. the hospital is on the phone... trying to get me scheduled for pre-op in same-day surgery! I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: Sounds like the cottage is taking on a really nice shape outside. I hope you can stay there afterall. Did the inspector mention anything as to why he was there? Sometimes they come to inspect for (more taxes).
Good luck with the hospital visits. It'll be nice to have your knees back.
Best always, Sandra