Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Can't Take It Anymore!

Those of you who know me... know that I have struggled with my knees for almost 10 years. Back in January of 2000, I slipped off of some icy steps while holding a clients baby... I held on to the baby and injured my knees with blunt force trauma from landing on the sidewalk that was 4 steps down. I was rated by the state as having incurred 7-10% permanent knee damage and disability.

I have not been able to go down steps the "normal way" since then.... nor can I kneel down to garden, pass cpr or play with the dog. I have had several series of Synvisk... which is an artificial form of synovium fluid that cushions the cartilage in your joints. I had the longer last Hyalgan done in my left knee, 3 years ago. It did well... and recently quit working. I've gotten to the point that I have to rest after doing basic chores and have to be careful of the side to side motion that we all do when we are doing dishes and cooking and doing laundry. (You don't realize it, but there is a lot of side to side motion in daily life.) Not to mention, all the stairs that I climb up and down during the course of my day. (Some days are better than others.) Last night, after fixing dinner and cleaning up, we ran off to Walmart to pick up prescriptions and a couple of items... when I got back to the car, I was in pain... enough to take my breath away. When we got home... I waited until DH had done all the outside watering and walked the dog before I got the courage to climb the stairs.

Today... I called the doctor and made an appointment. I know that this is going to entail x-rays and that I will have to kneel on the table while those x-rays are taken... Oooowwww! I am hoping to start another Hyalgan series at the very least... and who knows.. maybe it's finally time for new knees. We shall see!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Pearl said...

aw, Suzanne! I hope your knees feel better soon and that the doctor can do something about it! Have you thought of maybe surgery or therapy?