Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Real Quick!

I just wanted to say that "I Thank You" for all the kind and very caring comments from yesterday. I will take some of them under advisement... and keep pondering and wondering... like I always do!

I'm off to another p/t appointment today. Then, if I can pull myself together, I hear that there is a fabulous farm market down in Hometown. I just have to go and check it out. There's not too much that I need to shop for right now... but then, you never... it is a Farm Market after all!

Last night, I finally received my new phone... and spent most of the evening trying to figure it out. (I miss the days when I was required to take a training on all new equipment!) Anyway... the jury is still out on whether or not I will keep this device... there were a few glitches in transferring my media over... that did not make me happy at all!

Thanks for reading... be blessed! I'll probably post again later!

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