Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Chore List...

I accomplished much yesterday... and I was howling by the end of the day! It felt like my Hyalgan finally gave up the ghost and quit working inside my knee. I did several loads of laundry, getting all the bedding including blankets and quilts washed and dried and put away. It was quite a task for me, and DH had to help at the end to save me the extra steps on the stairs. He finally had to rub my knees down with his Biofreeze. That stuff works great... along with some rapid-release Tylenol! =)

Today... I went to the post office. I had to pay our box rent! We've been here a year now... that is hard to believe! When the clerk asked me if I wanted to pay for 1/2 a year or a full year, it felt so good to say "a whole year, please." That's a leap of faith... but I think it's safe to say that we will be here... we haven't heard anything to the contrary.

I am slowly getting ready to go to CT for the family reunion... I am so looking forward to getting away with DH without having to worry about the phone ringing and changing our plans. We went away last September and other than our 1 day trip to Maryland, we've not really been anywhere since then. I often tease DH that he's got me living up in the "hollers of PA" and I don't want to leave! It's an easy, stress-free life (for me)... no one to impress, no one to have to keep up with... we just live a sweet simple life... and we are happy like that! I love being able to be barefoot for most of the day... wearing my faded baggy jeans and a t-shirt... or a comfy sweater on cooler or cold days. I love that DH loves that I am home... I feel very blessed to have that opportunity... and that I don't feel the need to have an identity other than his wife. It suits me just fine after all those years of corporate life. Funny, that the highlight of my week is to go to the post office to renew our box rent! Like I said... simple things!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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