Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Small Town Life

We love living in this little town... everyone seems to know everyone else... (except for us... but they know we are new...) We went to a new church on Sunday... it's in a very old brick building with beautiful stained glass windows. It sits at the very edge of town and is connected to the cemetery. It looks very traditional... but it's not... they have a pretty good praise band that really rocked out at the end of service. We liked it... we will be going back. It reminds us of our old church in Maryland... without all the tattoos and leather and Harley's out front.

DH also attempted to buy me flowers on our Anniversary... but Ms. A at the flower shop told him that she didn't have any flowers to sell to him... she would rather that he wait to get flowers when she had fresh ones. So... I went yesterday... and Miss J and I put together a nice bouquet for me in honor of my first anniversary. It's beautiful and smells lovely! And because we picked out what I wanted... it wasn't too expensive. Nolli went with me... he loves the flower shop!

Pink roses and white and orange alstrumeria, a few daisies and hot pink gerbers with tree fern, baker fern and lots of purple caspia... just gorgeous~ and it smells like heaven!

Last night... I made a nice sirloin roast with carrots and potatoes, a good and easy dinner that was yummy and filling. It had been a little rainy during the day, but it cleared off for a bit and we were able to sit outside for about an hour after dinner and enjoy the evening. It was very still... we really didn't have any animal life out in the yard like we had over the weekend. Sunday, we had deer eating berries and greens behind the red barn and we counted 14 baby squirrels racing and playing on the grass. The wood duck came and bathed in the stream, and the bats were out in the cherry tree feasting on caterpillars. We only saw our little chipmunk last night out on the stump at the end of the parking pad. Even the birds were quiet.

When Nolli and I went out this morning at 6:30, it was lovely... there was a misty fog moving over the grass and some of the birds were singing. The sun was peaking out... I'm glad I got to see it... I think that is all the sun we will have today as the rain showers have moved back in... it's rather dark in the house and I will need to have some lights on today as well as having the candles lit. I love that anyway... it makes it nice as I clean and dust... I will light the candles when I'm done as I move from area to area.

I am trying to plan out my shopping for this week... so many things to get as we are running out of essentials that I left off the list in the past few weeks! If I don't write it down as I use things up... I forget about it! (That crazy medical fog brain of mine!) Oh... I've been having such great fun on face book lately! I have been able to keep up with some old friends lately and it's so much fun... and DH has also gotten on face book and discovered a few old friends too!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: Your flowers are beautiful and so is your little cottage. It is a perfect place to write a book. Have you ever considered it? Your writing is very good and I always enjoy your blog site. It would take effort to find the time but perhaps would be well worth it. A romantic novel perhaps?
Always, Sandra

Suzanne said...

Sandra... thank you so much for tht wonderful "praise"... I haven't thought about writing a novel! I don't know if I could actually be disciplined enough to flesh out a story chapter by chapter. I am working on a cookbook right now... it's an accumulation of family recipes that I want to get done by fall to give as gifts to my family. (It's hard to sit down and think out all the measurements and ratios... I have great appreciation for people who can write cookbooks so easily!)
Hugs... Suzanne