Friday, June 5, 2009

Rainy and Dreary

I thought it was "April Showers bring May Flowers".... living in this region of the US is quite similar to living in the Pacific Northwest... except that it gets more snow and it freezes. This morning... I stayed in bed after getting DH out the door to work. It was cold and dreary which made me achy and sleepy. (Plus... I was still tired from not getting a real rest on Wednesday night because of somebody's car alarm going off all night long. It was over on the next block... and I don't think we have police patrols after midnight... small town life!)

Anyway... I finally woke up and had some energy... and proceeded to get Nolli brushed out and get his Frontline Plus on him... (Just a few days late!) Then Lizzy called... and I needed to be active while I talked to her... so I dusted! I still have to dust the hutch in the dining room, but for the most part... the dusting is done in the living room and dining room and office area! Hooray for me!!!

DH just called... his supervisor added 2 more work sites on to his day and then still requires that he drive down to his house to give him paperwork. That means another Friday where DH will get home well past 3:30. We are wondering just what it's going to take to get fair treatment or if we will start praying for another job. I am still praying for work for me... God just doesn't seem to want to open that door for me yet.

We don't really have any plans for the weekend, other than to continue to work on general things around here... clean the porch, do some laundry and hopefully have something good on the grill tomorrow and go to church on Sunday. We do love being home... and we love just being in the yard when the weather is nice and watching everyone else go scurrying by... after living a fast paced life in Maryland where all we did was work or go look for a place to relax... it's nice to sit outside and watch the rest of the world go off to do whatever and enjoy good company with a nice cold drink and some good music on low from the garage.

Tonight's dinner is going to be left overs from the roast and potatoes I made on Tuesday. I'm not sure just what I am doing to make... I may do something mexican style with them or if the rain keeps up... I may make shepards pie. Nolli is nearby as I write this, keeping watch over me and his little treat I gave him from getting brushed. (He's so food motivated!) So... I'm off to get a load of laundry sorted and get my shower... yes, I know it's after noon!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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