Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Improvement!

We finally finished getting the trim done around the stove and the kitchen looks wonderful! I love what DH did... and he's definitely as talented as his father in construction and trim work! (He's also a fabulous mechanic... he's a very talented man, and no, I'm not biased!) He gave up most of his evening to get this finished. I did have "before pics, but can't seem to locate them in the folders... trust me when I say this is a "huge" improvement! We also had Nolli there to help supervise what was being done! He's an excellent helper!

He keeps a good look out for anything that might come his way... like a treat or kisses... or praise! (Come on-- You knew I was gonna throw in some cute dog photos!)

I think that for now... we are finished with "improvement projects." Although we may have to actually put in a pantry on the porch. But I think it will wait until we have gone to Connecticut in July.... I don't want to put out any extra money until after that trip. (Unless I get a job before then... I keep praying... but God doesn't seem to open that door yet.)
I am going to work on doing some deep cleaning on the porch... and over on the bookcase... and I need to clear off the dining room table... it's become the "catch-all area" for my scrapbooking things and odds and ends that I never seem to find a home for! Does anyone else ever have that problem... needing a home for things you don't seem to know what to do with? Hmmm... I do have that back closet, I just need to get to it! (DH has a few boxes of his own in the way!) Okay... on with my day... grocery shopping also needs to get done!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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