Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh My!

It's only the beginning of June... and it's soooo HUMID! I feel like I am back in Maryland. We are relatively cool as temperatures go... only 73 degrees at 3:00. But the humidity... aaaaaccckkkk!
I was going to go all out and cook something good for dinner... but since it's so humid, I think we are having leftover chili, a big salad and sour dough bread. I just don't have the stamina and I don't want to heat up the center of the house if I can help it.

DH just got home from work... he told me that earlier today, he went into the mens room and took his t-shirt off and wrung it out. That's alot of perspiration! He drove home with the air conditioner on... and still has sweat marks from the seat of his truck on the back of his legs.

Nolli-dog... has slept most of the day... it's not even August, and he's acting all worn out! He did go out for his 3:oo o'clock walk... and ignored the squirrel that was on the tree less than 4 feet from his face. It's too humid for him to chase a squirrel!

I'm done with my "whine and snivel" report... please pass the cheese for my crackers!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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