Friday, June 12, 2009


Yesterday, DH had a doctors appointment to go over his lab results... everything is fine... except that he has high triglycerides and low good cholesterol. That means he has to eat more complex carbs and watch his intake of refined foods. (He wasn't too happy about that!) The doctor wrote him a new prescription... but it's not on our insurance formulary... so we are back to square one. So... the physicians assistant called him this morning and told him to do over-the-counter omega-3s for now. Maybe... if he watches his diet and does the otc thing... it will go down to normal levels.

While we were there... the doctor was very late... it seems he does well-baby care and had a c-section that morning. He's not a baby-catcher, he can't afford the malpractice insurance... said he'd have to deliver a minimum of 20 babies a month to pay the premium... DH told on me! So... now I have an appointment to see the doctor on Wednesday. (We're going to start on my cardiac work up and see what is going on with my aortic stenosis... oh joy!) I guess I've been freaking out a little bit... ever since I started with getting ready for my body scan, and going on a new medication (which I stopped) I have been having more issues with chest pain on one side (my aortic side) fatigue, shortness of breath and a general sense of heaviness. DH has hugged me from the side as I stood beside at the desk... and he can hear my heart murmur if the room is quiet.

Anyway... we are trying to eat a little more healthy around here... and DH has been instructed to walk every night for at least 20 minutes. He also needs to do weight training... something he hates because he hates the whole gym atmosphere. Last night, we did walk to the post office in the rain... took Nolli dog with us. He's so not used to walking on a leash like he use to! He needs practice. I did okay for part of the downhill portion... but my knee... OH MY, did it hurt! The doc is aware of that... he's going to be doing Hyalgan for my right knee... I should have him do my left one too... it's been almost 3 years for that knee since I had the injection series. So... changes are coming... and we both have to get up and start moving inspite of my heart and my knees.

Today... we got to sleep in! DH didn't have to leave for work until 9 this morning! It was wonderful! He's working at a few sites today and will have a long work day. He will be doing "evening sort" for a facility near Allentown... they requested to have a tech on site for any issues... it's a main hub and they need to keep things moving... so he will have 8 hours of overtime today. What a way to end the week! So... Nolli and I are going to find a movie to watch tonight until DH gets home from work! The good thing about when he gets home tonight... he won't have any paperwork to do or any long emails to send! Yay!!!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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My husband took fish oil capsules for months and his decreased about 20 percent!