Friday, June 26, 2009

A rather mundane list...

Things around have evened out a little bit. I tried not to be too big of a monster when DH got home... ok, I confess, I was a bit of a monster! But I got my point across... and he really understood how much it bothers me when he blows me off. He doesn't do it intentionally, he does have a lot of work stuff going on... he just doesn't get it that certain things need to be a priority at home. And some of it is the fact that I take care of a huge amount of things that should be his to take care of... and when I don't do those things, everything comes crashing down... plate spinner style. I can only spin so many plates before I get tired and lose the rhythm of the spin.

DH left very early this morning... on the road at 4am... and has no idea just how long this day will be. When he called me yesterday and told me what his day would look like, I immediately went into the kitchen and started preparing his meals for today, packing extra sandwiches, a casserole portion, salad, extra beverages and added extra blue ice to the freezer to keep the extras cold. He already has 1 hour of overtime scheduled for today's ticket, plus emergency inspections and repairs for a major client, 2 other jobs to do and then the usual "stupid drive" to turn in his tickets and time card and uniforms to his supervisors home office. (Yeah... the supervisor gets to work from home and count all his "admin time" while DH has to do all the extra stuff on his own time... tell me that's fair???)

We are looking forward to this weekend, we have a church picnic on Sunday after church. We are going to try and get all the laundry done... and do my required house cleaning to go on a trip... (I have to have the house fairly clean and in order, otherwise, I will fret about what is waiting to be done upon our arrival back home, so then it's "why go away?" for me.) We are looking forward to going to Connecticut next weekend for the family reunion... and it will be my first. We cannot leave until Saturday morning, which means we will arrive car weary and rumpled, (with white dog hair) not the best way to meet new relatives. I will try not to be nervous. In fact, I will start to make a list of things that need to be located and placed up on the porch for the packing to commence starting on Wednesday. I will start packing our main bag and keep things on the guest room bed so that we can literally grab it and go, come next Saturday.

We are also working on a little landscaping project... We discovered some 12 x 24 inch pavers along the side of the house on the north... where it's very steep and uneven and quite hard for me to navigate. It's the area where we keep the grill and have a table and some chairs set up. It has a nice view of the stream and the bridge... but very hard for me to get up and down with my knees the way they are. DH has started digging it up and placing the pavers as a stairway. We need 4 more... and cannot find anyone who sells them. So... I went to the local brick and rock seller... (who happens to be the son of our landlord) and they said they could have them made for us. (Custom order)... when I told DH that, he asked me about how much it would be... and I didn't know... she never told me. Well, I called her and asked, she didn't know but would find out and phone me back.... sheeesh! I should have seen it coming! $8.36 per paver!!!! Holy cow! I had no idea, but then, nothing is exactly cheap up in these parts... it's not like we live in a metropolitan area and can get most anything we wanted like in Maryland! I'm going to take my time in picking those babies up... and at that price, it should come with a few free bags of pea gravel too! I will post pictures when we get it finished!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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