Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Kiss or To Kill...

I am at my wits end with most things these days... it's not good to be gone from home for 3 days when it's not planned or prepared for! I have spent my time since coming home from the hospital not resting, but cleaning and grumbling. It has gotten to critical mass stage here. I understand that DH was stretched very thin while I was gone, but coming home to a dirty kitchen and a man that has no inkling or idea that I would have liked the assistance without having to ask, would have been nice.

The other thing is that is weighing very heavy on me... is the fact that when I tell DH that I need something done... if it's not for my immediate needs, it doesn't get done. I have never in my life witnessed someone who is so stupidly unaware of the things around him and how I ask and ask ask to have things done, and it goes on ignored. Anyone got a match?????

I would do these things myself, but I am not capable of doing some of it... my knees don't work well and my back has become a bit of an issue. If I did what I wanted to have done... I'd be in bed only to face an even bigger mess later. I guess I need to find a young teenage boy that wants to earn some extra money... that's what I did in Maryland. My good friend Mary has two young grandsons who love to work and earn money. I would set up a time with her and then DJ and Shane would come over and do the work I needed... moving my closets from one floor to another area 2 floors down... hauling boxes for me, cleaning my car out... all good chores. I am still waiting for boxes to be hauled down to the basement... and I would eventually like to unpack all of my shoes and handbags that have been boxed for a year. Then there is the mess on the garage floor... and the dirt that he can't be bothered to sweep up or the stack of cardboard that he can't seem to let go of! Or the huge messes in basement, I cannot take it anymore!

That thought of going on strike has occurred to me... but I think I would still be left with a huge mess. To kiss him or kill him.... hmmmm.... When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


troutay said...

Poor thing.

Wish I could help but I am far far away.

Lisa in NJ said...

It's a man thing I'm telling ya. My boyfriend is the SAME way and it's driving me nuts, so I get it. I can't understand how they can just let things go and not see them. If you figure out how to solve this problem PLEASE POST. LOL