Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Lovely Sunday!

We are having a wonderful Sunday, here at Sugarloaf Cottage. We slept in until 9 this morning! We were able to have a quick breakfast and get to church by 10:30. (Church is just less than a mile away.) Our service this morning was nice.. we had good music, there was communion and the sermon was very good.

We came home and had a simple lunch of grilled cheese and bread and butter pickles and chips. We both changed into shorts and t-shirts... and we have been in and out all afternoon. The sun has been out for the last hour or so... and we have been sitting outside under the trees with Nolli, enjoying the breezes that are blowing. There is also an Andy Griffith marathon on, and being that we are huge fans... we did stop to watch one or two episodes that we had never seen before.

DH is chatting on the house phone with his younger brother... always an interesting conversation. They are discussing boats and fishing, their jobs and general guy stuff.

We did rent a couple of movies last night... we watched Momma Mia and we loved it! And we also rented "He's Just Not That Into You"... which is Baltimore based... and we loved that as well. It was fun to see different areas of the city that they filmed in, but even better realizing that we don't miss seeing things like the Domino Sugar sign or the Inner Harbor! We are enjoying this weekend... and that for the most part, it's been easy and relaxing... and never long enough!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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