Sunday, May 31, 2009

Domestic Bliss...

Yesterday, we took a drive to Briar Creek State Park... it's located out in the middle of nowhere, where most state parks are located! We were told that it was near the "Old Stone Church"... but we missed the sign the first time as it was covered up by a pine tree! It turns out that the park is a man-made lake with an earthen dam at one end. It has several picnic spots, covered pavillions, a great play area at the end, a ball field... and several swinging benches with a fabulous views of the water. We sat on the one in the very center and rocked and talked for over an hour. It was fun to watch the fish jumping and see the ducks swimming and watch the few people fishing from the banks. It was relatively empty for such a nice day.

Today... we went to church this morning... it was nice to go to "an old church building" but have it be so full of spirit and good music. We felt as tho we have found a "low-key version" of our old church. It was good to visit the house of the Lord today.

We are working on fixing the gutters on both sides of the house. The gutter on the southside had completly come apart in one section. DH got up there and nailed it all in and added some screws to hold it. He went back later and adding silcone caulk as well. I did some basic yard work and got things watered. My left knee is killing me... it started hurting on one of my many trips up and down stairs today... by the time I was done... it was swelled and I was yelping as I tried to walk on it. I guess my Hyalgan shot just gave up! Time to baby it and ask for another injection series.

Tomorrow... we are celebrating our first anniversary. DH took the day off... I don't think that we will do much of anything... maybe go back to the lake with picnic if the weather holds!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


troutay said...

Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...


Wishing you both continued honeymoon bliss. You get along so well together and enjoy each other so much. All the best and keep on keepin on!
Best always, Sandra