Sunday, May 10, 2009

Clean Up Weekend...

It's been a very busy weekend here... we worked on cleaning out the garage yesterday. We did not finish, but did make great headway. Today we worked inside, cleaning out DH's closet. We made it to the end of getting everything out and gone through. It still needs to be repacked and either sent to the basement or put back in the closet.

I have things to switch out from Winter to Spring and Summer. I also need to go through my 40-50 pairs of shoes and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. Handbags are also on the list to be weeded out. It's always hard to let go of any handbags!

We are also getting things ready for our friends to visit over Memorial Day Weekend. It's always a process for me... I am a perfectionist and want to have everything done just so... even though I know they aren't coming to just see my house, they are coming to see us! I just need to take the pressure off of myself and just let it be... what gets done will be fine... I know and they know that I only have so much energy with all I have been through this past few weeks.

I also had a job interview today... Yes, on Sunday... at 7pm, on Mothers Day! It was for a management position with a fast food restaurant. We shall see if I get offered anything... I've been saying all along that I am so overqualified for most anything that I can't get hired at "XXXX-XXXX" and that might be the case! (It will come down to money, I am certain!)

DH has worked so hard this weekend... and last week was pretty tough on both of us! I made him a great dinner... and he is going to clean up for me! =)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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