Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Early Start

I went to bed rather early last night... I was out cold at just after 10pm! I didn't take any ambien... I was sleepy without it and off to bed I went... I didn't even know when DH came to bed! I slept soundly until 4am... not exactly what I was hoping for! My back was hurting... I had spent too much time lying flat on my back and it was angry with me for doing that! I got around 5 am... puttered a little bit... and got cold so I went back to bed.

I got warm and cozy, started to drift back off and then heard the sound of DH's work phone going off. He had an emergency night call to a new facility about an hour away. I jumped out of bed as he was answering the phone... because I knew that I needed to finish packing his lunch and help him get out the door as quickly as he could. We had him on his way within 15 minutes, including taking the trash out to the curb. Nolli was impatient the entire time... he wanted out if we were getting up... and I made him wait until after I got the cooler all packed. (Silly dog!)

I puttered around for about an hour and then went back to bed. I slept for 3 more hours... it felt soooo good! I am still in pain, but I am moving slowly... determined to get something done today. Around 11-ish... I heard noise in the driveway... I was thinking that it was Miss Joanie from the flower shop... bringing flowers to the shop. Then I heard the front door open... and it was my DH! He had stopped by on his way to another emergency repair call to get some parts and to give me a kiss! He's so sweet! He is working just down the road... so I know he will be home at a decent time, unless he gets called to go somewhere else!

I made some pasta salad for dinner... one of my favorites... with golden raisins and broccoli and bacon stirred into farfalle pasta and some red onion and parmesan cheese. Sprinkle in some sunflower seeds... and make a vinaigrette... yummmm! It's suppose to be in the 80's today... so I wanted something that wouldn't heat up the kitchen. Don't know yet what I will be throwing on the grill for dinner... but I'm thinking maybe some good hot dogs or sausages. I don't feel like having anything that is heavy and I know that would be a quick dinner that DH would love. I know that some people don't eat hotdogs... but, we do eat good kosher dogs... either Nathan's or good ones from the deli. What's your take? Do you ever eat hot dogs?

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Pearl said...

you sound like such a sweet wife, packing his lunch and everything. you two make a great team, suzanne.

Anonymous said...

I love Nathan's hot dogs!...especially on a hot night.