Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home Improvement

We are in the midst of fixing the wall behind the stove... the wall that used to have a huge, ancient stove with a double oven. It was hiding some pretty ghastly wall board and some equally bad paneling. All pieced... and some paint on one side. Not pretty. So... today is the day that DH is fixing it. I can't wait until he is done. We are doing it in stages... just getting the new bead board and trim up today. We are going to add a shelf and some under cabinet lighting... I am looking forward to having the extra lighting. We are also going to be adding a pantry cabinet out on the porch... I am very happy about the plans for that. It will be very helpful to finally have enough room for me to organize supplies... and not lose things because I have to have DH put things away for me and I forget where I stash stuff!

We had torrential rains last night... with big thunder and lightening. DH pulled all my plants in just as the rains hit... so we didn't have any real storm damage. Today... we walked along the stream and looked at the high water marks... it was really high last night and this morning. Our yard guys came today and cut the grass again. They do okay... but could be a little neater and take some care to get the edges better!

DH also got a new phone this weekend. He is so excited about having this phone... it's the one he wanted last year that was sold out. He got the Boulder in Orange... and I love this phone too. I didn't upgrade my device as I can't decide what I want... do I want a Voyager, or a Blackberry... and do I really need to do email from my phone? If I ever do go back to work... I would! Oh... I haven't heard anything back from my interview from last Sunday... but then I didn't think I would, because I am too qualified and money would be the deal breaker. If it's meant to be... than it will happen is how we both feel about it!

My good friend, Rose, added me to her facebook... and asked me to call her! I just got off the phone with her! It was soooo good to catch up with an old friend from church. And she was able to fill me in on things going on... like the fact that my old roommate is actually on boyfriend #8 and is engaged to be married! That's 2 guys in less than a year! And a total of 8 guys in 2 years! (I know, I'm being snarky! "Yay for Shay, he dodged a bullet and didn't know it!") We also got to play in the yard this afternoon with Nolli... he's so good! Our neighbor was walking across our lower backyard with her greyhound... and Nolli started to run after them... but as soon as I commanded him with "no... stop!" ... he did as he was told! I am so pleased that he is such a good listener!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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