Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If It's Gonna Happen...

If it's gonna happen... it will happen to me! There are silly things that happen to everyone... but it seems that if it's the "first time that's ever..." chances are, that I did it! That's been the case for a lot of things in my life... like tripping up the cement steps and hitting my arm as I went... and breaking my wrist! (That little trip happened back in 1994... and the arthritis still haunts me!)

Yesterday... DH and I both had doctor's appointments. He went for a complete physical, his first in 9 years. I went back for a blood pressure check... (it went down... but not enough.) I went first because DH was doing paperwork. The nurse who checked me in was older... she had been working over 35 years... you can figure out the math! Anyway... she took me to the exam room and set about taking my vitals. She quickly went through her paces and went to take my temperature. She quickly put the probe under my tongue and held it in place herself. She pulled that probe out quickly... and with it... came my chewing gum! Oooopps! She laughed and said that she had never had that happen to her before! Only me, I tell you!

DH had the pleasure of having his history taken by a student PA... she was very thorough... she didn't miss anything. The doctor came in and went over him with a fine tooth comb as well... DH does have high blood pressure so we are going to work at watching the salt along with the fats!

My blood pressure has only come down about 25 points... so the doctor has doubled me up on one of my meds... so I'm certain that I am going to be feeling pretty woozy as my pressure starts to fall. (I already feel it a little bit!) After the doctor... we stopped at Panera Bread for dinner... I had the Asian Chicken salad and 1/2 of a Turkey Artichoke paninni. Yummm! DH had the Smoked Turkey paninni and the rest of my salad, part of my sandwich and half of my bread. Then we went to the pharmacy... where we proceeded to go broke on prescriptions. (Literally... it was sooooo expensive, that I only took 1/2 of what I needed and will finish getting the rest next week.) It's easier to split it into 2 parts anyway... so that it once we hit the deductible... it will be easier to manage. We are almost there on the deductible now!

My day today... is going to be spent doing smaller, managed chores around the house. Once the sun comes around the side of the house... I am going to try and plant some more flowers and get finished with that project. I also need to clean off my desk... but may do that while I was American Idol this evening. (And DH needs to help me move the fax machine anyway!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Pearl said...

suzanne - are you sleeping better now?

Suzanne said...

Hmmm... yes and no. When I went into Hyp-Thyroid state, I slept like crazy, because you get tired so easily. I've had 2 nights now that I haven't slept more than a few hours. I picked up my Ambien yesterday and if I wake up tonight, I'm taking it!