Saturday, May 2, 2009


It's currently the glamorous hour of 4:30 am... yesterday... I did go north to the hospital for my lab work. And I stopped at the Rocky Ridge nursery... and picked up a couple of plants. (Just a couple...) I made it back home by 1:30.

Around 2:30, DH called me... he informed me that he would be at his current job site until the wee hours of the morning. It was a imperative that what he was fixing be done before Monday, and that he was waiting for parts but couldn't start the repair work until after 9:30 pm. (Gotta keep those packages moving!) So... to be a supportive wife, I packed up a second lunch and drove down to his job site. (I took Nolli-dog with me, he's a good road warrior!)

Between the weather and traffic, and the road being a state highway, it took me a good hour and 20 minutes to get there. Then I had to wait for him to come out to meet me... as his idiot supervisor was there, getting all his paperwork for the week, and insisted that DH write him a work order for the current work being done instead of waiting for it via e-mail so he wouldn't have to write it himself! (That's what he gets paid for!)

Anyway... I stopped off at a wonderful "primitive" furniture shop on the way back... it was full of fabulous stuff! I'm going more cottage in decorating these days, but they did have some wonderful cabinets and hutches... it was just so much fun to go and take a look around. I miss shopping like that, and missed my friend Mary, who would have loved all the linens they had. If I had the time and the money... I would start over and do more primitive... maybe.

I camg home... fed myself and Nolli... and by then it was after 7. So, I snuggled in with Nolli and we watched tv until 9. I fell sound asleep until 2:30, when DH got home. I got back up and helped him get unpacked, walked Nolli, and fell back into bed around 3:15. DH and Nolli both fell sound asleep... and I was bookended by 2 snoring bodies.... so here I am, wide awake. I'm hoping that by the time I finish this post, I can pop in ear plugs and zonk back out! Later on today... I will try to remember to take some pictures of the flowers or even go up to Rocky Ridge and take some photos... DH needs to see how pretty it is up there!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Pearl said...

awww suzanne - sounds like you had a very busy day. i hope you get some rest!

Heidi said...

Your a good wife Sue! Dont love that kind of supervisor, had one of those myself at point in time... snoring dog - snoring hubby - you in the middle - made me laugh... hope you get some much needed sleep!!! and that hubby goes with you to the pretty spot!