Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Blocked!

Last night while we were out doing errands... my cell phone rang... It was my stalker calling. I handed the phone to DH to let him answer the phone. She hung up on him. Within 30 seconds, there was a text message sent. This one was actually pretty funny! It said, "What a freaken fake person you are" and we both laughed, as if she had any idea who I am as a person!

Anyway... it's become quite evident that she has escalated her little assault on me as the night before she had sent a text message that DH also had picked up because I was in the other room. That message was, "Beoutch you are the worst friend i ever had"... (ummmm, yeah! I am not your friend anymore... move on and get a life!) So... I mentioned on facebook last night that she has gotten worse. My new way to answer the phone was going to be "Hello, Losers Anonymous Hotline, how big a Loser are you?" I say... WAS... as my friends from VZW let me know that number blocking under Usage Controls can be added to the account for a fee! I can now block her number and keep my own cell number! (Yeah... it's an added cost... but I don't think I will need to keep it on account forever... but I do get to keep my number!!!)

Blocked Numbers

Restrict phone numbers from calling or sending messages to your child.
Block unwanted calls and messages by entering phone numbers that are not allowed to call or to message your child. Your child will also not be able to call or send messages to those same numbers. Up to 20 phone numbers can be placed on the block list. 911 and account member phone numbers can not be placed on the block list. This will not affect your child's ability to call 911 or any phone number within your wireless account. You will not receive notification of attempted calls placed by phone numbers in your blocked number list.Set Blocks - You can add up to 20 contacts for each account member.
443848xxxx's Blocks
+ Add Blocks
You have already added 20 numbers

Phone Number

Jane Burt
X Delete
Are you sure you want to delete the Blocked Number(s)?

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Pearl said...

wait suzanne - you KNOW who's calling you? so it's not a hidden/anonymous number? why don't you just tell her that you'll press charges if she continues to harass you?

Suzanne said...

Yeah... I do know this person... she was in my bible study group for 2 years! It's crazy... and yes, I've told her to stop or I'd get a restraining order... but now that I've added a block, I won't need to do the order!