Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Recap

Here's a recap of what life entailed today...

DH started his day at 3:15 am... he had to be a job site at 5 am. He was only suppose to work until 9 am today. He made it home tonight at 5:15. He still has paperwork to do.

I packed his lunch the night before and slept with ear plugs. I woke up at 7 am... I slept 9 hours... which is pretty good for me... I'm coming out of Hypo-Thyroid mode... so it will become less and less that I sleep like that.

I puttered around most of the morning. I did get a load of laundry done and went to the post office. I got the invoice from the Berwick Hospital from my very first set of labs... grand total is $1738. I don't think that we will have any issue in hitting the $2400 deductible... I should tap the plan out by the end of the week. Thank the Lord in Heaven that DH's company actually pays the deductible for us! I can only imagine what the charge for my ultrasound, lab work, RAI-133 and my total body scan will come out to be, given what was racked up for my first set of labs. (yeah.. be sick is expensive!)

I went to my first office visit with my new PCP... he's nice, young, has a great sense of humor, and is very thorough and technically savvy. His charts are all electronic... and he writes and sends his scripts the same way... all 7 of my scripts are waiting to be picked up. I cannot lose a script or forget to fill one anymore.

I did have my blood pressure taken... and I knew it would be high. I wasn't prepared for just how it really was... the doctor was afraid I might pop! But after he checked my eyes... he relaxed a little bit... my retinas were still looking ok. (Big sigh of relief) I will be back on my regular meds in the morning. I will see him again on Monday afternoon for another bp check when DH goes for his checkup. May has always been a heavy month for doctors for me... this one is no exception.

Tonight... we did an easy dinner... grilled polish sausages on buns, Bushes' grillin beans, and cold pack coleslaw. After dinner and watching wheel of fortune while DH worked on paperwork, we settled in to watch tv, snuggled into bed. We are both tired and achy. My back is killing me... my legs are acting funny and my feet hurt. (It's all part of hypo-thyroid and partly the exam, and partly living with old injuries.)

Plans for tomorrow... sleep in a little bit... finish my flowers, do some laundry and work down in the garage to make it livable again. DH has so many parts stored down there for future jobs... it needs to be organized desperately... and I have a plan in place to help him get started! I am excited about helping him get things done down there, even if it's just that I stand and point... I know that he won't let me lift anything heavy. I don't want to lift any heavy and I have nothing to prove anyway! (hehehehe) I will try and remember the camera while we are at... it will not be pretty, that's for certain!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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