Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Working Girl

That's what I am... I seemed to have made it through 4 days of work... and they seem to like me! I still don't have my own computer and have to share with someone after they have left for the day. I managed to spend 1/2 the day on the phones all by myself. I can't wait until I can do this job at my own desk.

We are still slowly working on the mouse issue. DH has put traps out and today he caught one very big mouse. It was an adult... at least 2 years of age according to DH. (He used to have mice for pets. Shuddddderrrrrrrrrr!)  I still have a couple of things to put away... but I didn't seem to get to it tonight by the time I got home, did a couple of things and then headed back out for dinner. After dinner, we came home to get a few other things done, like watering flowers and such. I am very tired... but I will eventually get use to a full time schedule.

Keep me in your prayers as I adjust to working again and learn the ins and outs of this particular job. It's a little more aggressive than my last 2 jobs... but I'll get there! Everyone else seems to have gotten "there"... there are a lot on the team that have been there for less than a year... but to listen to them on the phones, you'd think they had been there forever. I hope to sound that good soon!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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