Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whoa... I'm tired!

This has been a very long day! I woke up at 4am and after trying to get warm, going to the bathroom, and having to Punky back to bed, I managed to just doze and I was finally sleeping well when the alarm went off. My saving grace was that I knew what I was going to wear to work today.

Work today was training... sitting side by side with top collectors and learning the computer system. It's really not that hard, but I get going to fast and hit keys in the wrong sequence and have to back track. The first trainer was not too patient with me... but it's okay.

I came home with very little traffic or slow downs and even stopped at the post office. I was livid at the envelope I received from the local Social Security office. I went in on Tuesday to get a new card, didn't have the correct document but the agent gave me a mailing envelope and told me that since she had seen me in the office, that all I would have to do is copy the document and mail it back to her. I got it all back in the mail today with a note that said I would need to come in with the original documents... and she sent me back the copy that she made on her scanner! Grrrrrrrrrrr.... I hate stuff like that. I don't know when or how I will ever get back there.

Anyway... I quickly made dinner and got it in the oven, did a few things around here and then served up what I made. As soon as I was done eating... I picked up my keys and headed back out the door. I headed up the hill to the pharmacy, to the gas station and then to Wal*Mart to get a couple things I need for work. I did it all in an hour and ten minutes. I came home... loaded the dishwasher... and then said I was done!

We have dress down tomorrow... but I need to hem my jeans, and I am too tired to do it. I cannot wear my regular jeans... they are just not "casual Friday jeans" anymore. I will probably just wear something casual with out too much fuss... I am still thinking about it.

I'm tired and headed for bed after Project Runway... if I can stay awake that long!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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