Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall... and Life in Town

Wow... it seems as if the weather here has turned to Fall already. We went up to the Pocono Amish Market yesterday... on the way, there were so many trees that have started to turn red, orange and brown. It's much colder and windy... I needed a jacket this morning.

We did enjoy the market yesterday... it was busy as all get out with lots of people from New York. You can always tell... because they cut in line, don't read signs and are pushy. It's a holiday weekend, so there were lots of them. Anyway, we did buy eggs and butter, green beans, zucchini and squash, cookies and whoppie pies and of course we bought sausage from our favorite Amish guy Mr. B. It's fun to go up and then be able to chat with him for a brief moment... I know that he appreciates that we take the time.

I came down with a cold yesterday. It's my own fault as I went to lunch with some of the girls in the office and they smoke. It's no wonder I am sick... stupid, stupid, stupid! So I am taking sudafed to dry up the fluid in my ears. I am certain that I will be asleep soon.

We had a huge 3 alarm fire down on Main Street this morning. The building is almost behind us but half a block straight down and 2 lots over. It gutted the entire building and when I walked down at 8:30, they were still doing clean up and check work. There were 4 businesses downstairs and 4 apartments upstairs. There are 2 elderly ladies that live up there, and 1 had to be rescued. Poor dear. Everyone got ok but 1 of the firemen fell and broke an ankle. Ouch! That was probably the 4th or 5th ambulance (siren) round that came through. Poor DH was trying to sleep in the recliner and heard the entire thing... he said he couldn't see flames because the smoke was so thick and black. I talked to Miss Millie that lives on Main Street  across the way and 2 doors down... she woke up to see the orange flames on her walls and first thought her house was on fire... scared her to death!

I'm going to be working on laundry today... as much as my stuffy head and my achy back will allow me. Yeah... my back... I turned wrong trying to get comfortable to go to sleep and it's been achy ever since! I probably need to see the chiropractor... but it's going to have to wait now! So... I'm off to sort clothes, and try to keep my head clear from all this stuffiness!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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