Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I did try!

I tried to post last night... but I just couldn't get it all together. I had a post almost done and I deleted most of it. My laptop mousepad is set too sensitive. (Or at least it was until after DH fixed the settings.)

My workweek is going by in a blur. I stay so busy all day long, I don't have time to even remember to take a break or get something cold to drink. Yesterday was also physical therapy day for DH... it was a long session and by the time we stopped for dinner and gas and for an ATM run... I was more than ready to get home. (Which was at 8:00 pm last night.) I vaguely remember falling into bed close to 10:00 and I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in.... that's tired!

I did manage to watch GLEE last night. I am always surprised by what they manage to pull off and I love the music! We also managed to watch Two and a Half Men... that show makes me down right belly laugh. Tonight is Survivor... and speaking of Surviving, I came home in a horrid thunder storm that had high winds, hail and rain drops as big as your fist. It was pretty bad... and our patio flooded like crazy. The stream went up over it's banks too... and we took a little water in our basement, but it wasn't too bad down there. Our new neighbor has put in new downspouts and splash guards. One is right near her basement door... and I've tried to tell her that it was only going to fill up her basement door area faster, but she doesn't want to listen. Something tells me she's going to be a real trial to live with... and I already miss how cordial and easy it was to live with our old neighbor.

Time for Survivor! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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