Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Whine and Snivel!

Well... today is Tuesday. It has been a very long day for me. I rolled out of bed at about 5:45 or 5:50 to start getting ready for work. I hit the road about 7:15 after having a bowl of cereal. I did the work thing all day, taking only half my lunch break today to help a new coworker sign into our online hr department to set up her profile for benefits and payroll.

I flew back home after 5:00, stopped in the driveway long enough for DH to climb in the car and we headed downtown for his first physical therapy appointment. That's what my Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be like until after the first week of October. We did stop to get a bite to eat for dinner... and then I came into the house to get dogs fed and walked, figure out what I am wearing tomorrow, pack a lunch, cook up fresh green beans that DH snapped for me and get the dishwasher loaded. I finally sat down with slippers on my feet and jammies about 8:30. If I had kids... I think I'd be dead by now!

Honestly... I don't know how working Moms do it... and homework? I don't even think I could even begin to have to help with homework. It's now 10 pm and all I want to do is fall into bed and sleep. I do have to say that it was very sweet and cute to see Punky dance and leap when she realizes that I am home. She is always so thrilled to see me... and I have started making sure that she realizes that I am leaving each morning. I tell her good-bye and DH says that she spends all her day in her bed now that I am working. Poor little dear... she has started sleeping on the bed with me as well... (she woke me up around 4am this morning because she wanted to snuggle and play...)

I'm so done tonight... my contact lenses are having a hard time staying on my eyes. Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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maranda said...

Glad work seems to be going good for you at work. Hopes your husband arm gets better. Please check out my blog you have an award waiting for you.