Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Oops!

My poor husband has not had the best weekend... yesterday while we were at the Wal*Marts, (picking up more pain meds for him) I also needed to get a few things for home. Dog food was one of those items. It can be rather close in that aisle for some reason. And some (rude) lady ran right into him, hitting his injured shoulder. She didn't even blink, let along apologize or ask him if he was alright. He was in pain... and remained that way for most of the weekend.

Today, he tried to do a few things for himself... and it seemed as though most everything he did was a struggle. He made me a glass of diet pepsi and missed the glass, pouring soda on to the dishwasher top and the floor.  Later, he tried to pour himself a glass of ginger ale. He managed the pour, but as he tried to put the cap back on the bottle, he knocked over the glass he had just poured and it went all over the freshly washed kitchen floor...and his pants and his new sneakers. Tonight at dinner, he had issues again... this time it was with his burger... he couldn't hold on it.

The kicker for his whole weekend.... was that he dropped his cell phone out of his pocket... it was two feet from the floor and broke the screw type key that holds the battery to the phone. He has the G'zone phone... the expensive, Army rated device that is shock proof, dust proof, water resistant and does a bunch of other stuff... and it broke... from hitting our kitchen floor. It's not hard wood and there is no cement.. it's a floor that is done from douglas fir and has a 40 year old piece of linoleum on top of it. It should have been just fine. So... I just hung up from our wireless provider... and also with the insurance company. It will be $50 to replace it... (and I already know that it's going to be a refurbished device.) And after he gets all of his pictures off the phone, I will be activating his old phone.

I'm heading to bed now... my ambien has kicked in... and I don't type so well when I'm woozy.
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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