Monday, September 6, 2010

Unexpected Visitors

Today started as a quiet and peaceful day. We had a simple breakfast... and made plans to go to a local dog park. We drove over the hill, but a new batch of gnats hatched over night... it was way tooooo bad to go for a walk. We all would have ingested more than our daily quota for such things like bugs! It really was bad.

We came home and on our way, stopped at one of the local farms to buy some sweet corn for our dinner. We decided that we would grab our laptops, a cool drink and chill out on the patio under our umbrella. I made more than one trip up and down the stairs during the time we were outside starting at around 11:30. The longest stretch we were out at any one point was about an hour.

We came back inside at 2:00... I was going to make a sandwich for each of us. I had the under cabinet lights on, and to my surprise... there were mice droppings on my counter. Wha???????? It was cold last night... and apparently they came up into the kitchen~ and I went into "freak-out mode." (Mind you, there was nothing on the counters all day until between 1 and 2!) We have spent the rest of our day carefully cleaning our entire kitchen area. DH has discovered their mode of entry and we have obtained traps. He made a customized piece of 1/4 inch plastic to cover the hole that the mice have been using. I think we have seen the last of them up here. (I prayerfully hope so!)

We have boxed up all of our food that is in cardboard or cellophane or anything that a mouse could chew through... and placed all of it in huge rubbermaid tubs that we use for moving. Everything in the entire kitchen has been washed, bleached, dried and put away on clean shelf liner. I am so terribly tired at this point, I can't even begin to tell you. I don't know how I will be able to go in and make a lunch for tomorrow... I think I will probably do take-out tomorrow.

DH is working on putting things back in proper form... even with his one arm! He's an amazing man and I cannot thank him enough for helping me with such a huge job. I am totally "yucked out" by this whole entire thing. I once had baby mice invade a desk drawer at work, about the time it started to get cold. It was a horrid mess and I had to throw some treasured things away because they ruined them. I still get so skieved out! Traps are going out... tonight. It will give DH something to do tomorrow while I am at work.

Sorry to share such horrid news. Thanks for coming by.... be blessed!

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