Friday, September 17, 2010

3 Days Ago?

Was that the last time I sat down to really look at my computer and blog? Alot has happened in 3 days... trips up and down the freeway, trips downtown to physical therapy, trips to buy groceries and work supplies, and work and a little bit of sleeping in between. I did read in my comments that I won an award from Maranda over at Happiness 101! That's really cool!

Thank you, Maranda for giving me such a wonderful award! It makes me very happy to recognized.

We woke up this morning to sick puppy dogs. DH decided to give them some leftover hotdogs... that didn't sit well with them... poor babies. I had Nolli dog pacing and racing to the door to go outside. Because I had to get ready for work, that left DH to clean up the messes that were made during the night. (Ear plugs and Ambien keep me out for most of the night... I really don't hear much at all!)

DH had done 2 sessions of physical therapy. He's weaning himself out of his immobilizer, doing some exercises and stretching. He's been ahead of the game by using his hand to do small tasks and his therapist is pleased with his progress. He has a very long way to go before he'll be able to raise his arm up, let alone up over his head. But it is progress and we are glad for that.

I've finished an entire week of work... and it's been a little tough for me. I am feeling it in my back and my right arm and hand... all that typing I do and dialing a phone... it does take it's toll. But I like the people I work with... and yes, there is stress with the job, but I remind my supervisor that I am on a steep learning curve and it will come with a little more time. I actually did quite well today, much to her surprise, I covered quite a bit of ground along with phone calls and email, given the mess I inherited from the person who left. She didn't too good of a job with notes, and left alot of old stuff on the books that should have been addressed a long time ago. I get my first shot of getting it taken care of on Monday morning with my first conference call to the location and managers and service reps that I cover. It's a little daunting that it's my meeting and I get to run the show... but I think I can do it.

Well... I've rambled on long enough! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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