Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Changing It Up

I've been blogging lately about going  back to work... it's time to write about something else.

I haven't mentioned him much lately, but I need to write about Cannoli. That's his name... Cannoli Etore~  his first name is because he's as sweet as the dessert he's named for and his middle name is italian for loyal, which he certainly is...his my good old dog... also known as Nolli-dog. He's been my baby for over 7 1/2 years, a pound puppy that had been 2 little boys Christmas puppy. They became too busy with baseball to take care of a pup. I found him at the shelter, in the midst of blaring music, wet concrete and 80 other barking dogs. Most dogs, as you go through a shelter, will come to the kennel gate and jump and bark to get your attention. Not Nolli... he was the only dog that was calmly sitting in the center of his cage. I knew instantly that he was a well adjusted dog... and he proved me right when we entered his kennel to get to know him. He came right up and sat in my then boyfriends lap and nuzzled up, inspite of the noise and chaos going on.

Nolli has been with me through a huge break up, moving into roommate situations 3 times. He's endured having to share his toys and have his dish invaded by other dogs. He's always been able to make the transition, no matter what I have done to make our lives better. He's my trooper. He was in a kennel for 12 days as we prepared to move and find a new house. He became quite ill while in the kennel and I made him a promise that I'd try to never do that to him again. He's just too sweet to leave behind anyway!

When I met DH and brought him to meet Nolli, it was rather late in the evening. Nolli barked at having someone unknown enter the house with me. But once I reassured Nolli that it was ok, he calmed right down. It was so fun to see the relationship grow between Nolli and DH... and Nolli loves his Daddy very much. They are now so bonded that most of the time, Mommy isn't all that important anymore.

Last year when I was in the hospital for my knee replacement, DH brought Nolli to visit me as he was very depressed and missed me. Once he was able to see me and licked my outstretched hand, he was his happy self once again.

It's been interesting with the new transition in our lives of Mommy going back to work. It might have had him wondering the first day as I got dressed, but not anymore. He's once again adjusted and he does not seem fazed in the least about my leaving each morning.

I have noticed in the past week that he has been asking for belly rubs more often. And I have relented about having him on the sofa... he loves to come up between us and to have a little snuggle time between Mom and Dad. He loves his evening snack and will ask us to have one after he's had dinner. DH hasn't been able to give him as much love attention as he usually does with his arm in the immobilizer. so he's been coming to me a little more than usual for attention. Tonight, as I am writing this, he's sleeping at the end of the coffee table, with his outstretched paw resting on his dog treat, guarding it from a little red dog who likes to steal them and bury them in her dog crate in the living room.

He's got such good manners... we've had a great deal of activity in our yard and driveway in the past week or so... lots of visitors... and even though he may bark at noise, he listens when reassured that it's okay. He enjoys meeting new people. And he loves when our neighbor is in her yard... he goes to the edge of the patio and waits to be greeted and to be told it's ok to go and greet her. It's sweet and touches my heart that he appreciates being recognized and greeted. Even our landlord likes to greet him and pet him. He's my sweet old boy... and I am so glad to have such a wonderful dog like him!

Thanks for reading about my special boy! Be blessed!

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