Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well... that was fun!

Things have gone by in a blur the last couple of days. Work went fairly smooth on Friday... and I am sure that what I did will be reviewed and scrutinized on Monday. The best of the day was going out with a few of the girls to a little neighborhood bar for a few libations and noshes... don't worry, I had diet Pepsi. It was fun to laugh and be silly and get to know some of the ladies that I work with... they are all hard working and have overcome some of the same stuff I have... so I feel that I am in good company!

DH and  I decided to go up to the Amish Farm Market again. We always find such good produce and this week was no exception. We finally were there early enough to purchase some of the best looking cauliflower I've ever seen. I can't wait to cook it and eat it! We also bought more fresh green beans, oatmeal whoopie pies (so divine!) and smoked sausage sticks. I just love getting goodies from there!

We also met our new neighbor this afternoon. We had a good visit with her, getting to know her and learning about what had brought her to our small town. We were able yo give her feedback and suggestions about what she needed to set up and what utilities she was going to have to have. Since we are familiar with the house she's moving into, DH was able to help her figure out if she had the correct electrical hook ups for her washer and dryer. After they had gone down to the basement... I figured I'd go down to the basement as well and then go outside. I didn't have what I would call a successful trip down the steps. They are old, wooden, and worn. I got half way down and my foot slipped on the worn part and ended up stopping 2 steps down with my left foot on the step and my right knee being bent straight back. It hurt... alot! I've been up the stairs twice now and it feels as though things in my right knee are loose and want to separate. Not the best feeling... and I am now parked on the sofa with ice packs and tylenol. (That part was not fun!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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