Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wow... is it really?

Is it really Saturday, already? Thursday was "ages" ago with the start of a record snowfall for the Northeast. It kept coming... and Friday also turned into a "PA Region Closure" for DH and his company. When it was finally done snowing around 2:00pm... the plow-man came to do our driveway. He didn't do that great of a job... but at least we can now get out. We have around 20+ inches of snow... and in some areas, it's 24 inches. The guard rail behind us on the street is buried.

We also spent the day cleaning up dog messes... Punky was not communicating her needs very well and I may have been preoccupied with Nolli... all I can say is that at least Punky is kind enough to go on the tile floor and not the carpet. She surprised me twice, so today we are a little more vigilant and she is getting quality Mommy time. (I know that she will act up if something seems off to her.)

We also woke up to more snow today... only a couple of inches. It was enough to keep us lazy and in jammies for half of the day. We finally got showered and out the door to do necessary errands after 1:00. Now we are back home... settled in, and I'm deciding on what to make for dinner. The dogs will still have at least 2 more trips outside to the yard before it's all over. Oh... and DH, being the wonderful man that he is... took Nolli-dog's bandages off of his front paws today. It was a little traumatic and Nolli actually nipped at him in the beginning. So... we went to plan B which was to place him up on the table and have me hold him like when we go to the vet. I talked and coached Nolli through it with very little incident. Although my back is now achy and my knees hurt from halfway crouching down to hold his neck and head. Can't really complain though... that's what Moms do! Nolli is happy to have those bandages off.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Anonymous said...

I was going to write something, but Henry kept calling me and interrupting. So: Take this as it's given - sisterly concern. Times have changed dramatically since you were in a management position. More and more companies are scrutinizing Facebook, blogs, myspace, you name it and are using that information. You have to be very careful what you say because it can be used against you. I work with the HR manager in my clinic and, baby sister, times they are a'changing. My advice, for what it's worth, is say nothing on your blog or any other on-line forum that you wouldn't say directly to whomever or whatever you're talking about. I'm sorry about John. This is a case of guilty by association regardless of whether you posted the offending language or not. Hope you're feeling a little better. You really need to take it easy. Love, April

Suzanne said...

Sissy... I've decided to take that post down. It's saved as a draft for now. Thank you for your advice... and I am going back through my archives and also saving anything else as a draft for now. Love you much!