Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day (For the Eastern Seaboard!)

We knew last night that this was gonna be a big storm... Heck, we've known for more than a few days as our local news station has been tracking it for a week. This storm is HUGE! It's so bad out there... that Penn-DOT has closed most of the roads including I-81 from the Maryland State Line all the way to New York. We happen to live in the little triangle of I-80 and I-81... and the snow is deep and not stopping anytime soon. They say the roads are closed until at least 1am. So glad that DH had a snow day for work... I'd hate for him to be stuck in Scranton for a couple of days! Plus the snow is so deep... I wouldn't be able to walk the dogs. DH is doing that... but he goes out first and shovels a path and then shovels a section of grass so they can go potty. Nolli dog is having a ball in the snow... he has been running and literally plowing head first into all that powder! Punky is trying to keep up but can't get to the really deep snow without becoming completely buried. It's fun to watch and they both make me laugh so much.

Our greatest worry right now is the wind... and the power line coming to our house. Our Landlord won't take care of anything... and we should have insisted the power company come out and trim some of the branches of our fir trees. I worry that the lines could snap... and we would become trapped in our house! (As if I don't have enough to worry about these days!)

DH is out with the neighbors next door... They have been plowed out once, but the snow is again very deep. Miss L has to work tonite (she's an ICU nurse)... and they need to get their Honda SUV out of the garage.... and they have a good foot of snow in the driveway. DH is out there with his trusty snow shovel... we are discussing the fact that we need to buy ourselves a snow thrower if we stay here!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!