Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tales from the Service Tech...

Tuesday was a regular work day for DH... he was working up north about 45 miles away. (That's local work) He was trying to finish a planned maintenance job that day. He called me about 9-ish and asked a question and then told me he was on his way down to Philly for an emergency call. His main client had a "motor failure" and one whole line was not moving.

He got down there... and proceeded to do a visual inspection and start the process of figuring out what was causing the issue. He's very good at trouble shooting. He discovered that one section of the conveyor belt was actually bent up in a V-shape. He took a look under that section of the belt... and was quite shocked at what he found. He set to work at removing the rollers on the belt so he could get the item out from the conveyor.

He called his supervisor to let him know what was going on... he told him that what he found was very expensive... His Sup asked, "was it a diamond ring?" "Nope"... answered DH, "more expensive than that"... "It's white, with lots of lace"... and His Sup gasped! And along with all the silk, lace, beads and a long train... was a second dress for the bridesmaid. Two of the girls that work the line looked at it and knew immediately that it was a Kleinfeld dress... with no packaging or documentation included in the bundle of silk, beads and lace. Both gowns were covered with grease and dirt, with beads and lace shredded from being wound around metal rollers under the conveyor system.

Somewhere.... there is a girl waiting for a package to be delivered. And somewhere... there are going to be tears when she finds out that her gown won't be wearable. We tried to figure out what happened to the packaging... our best guess would be that maybe some tape got caught and it came out of the bottom of the box... so the box was likely delivered empty. I have to say that DH totally understood both the financial and emotional costs to that poor bride. All in a days work!

Thanks for reading... be blessed.