Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nolli's Day

Tonite we are so glad to be home, safe and sound. This Nor'easter that is dumping snow on us is really doing a great job of it! DH took the day off to help me get Nolli to the vet on time. It was a bit slippery when we drove across town today. It also didn't help that our wiper blades decided to stop wiping the snow off the windows... so we had to stop at the Wal*marts to get new ones after dropping Nolli off for his appointment.

We had to be in the exam room while the prepped Nolli... and it just about broke my heart. When they put his I.V. line in, I was holding his head and neck and I felt him flinch. I was quietly talking to him... telling him that I understood what he was feeling and telling him to be gentle. He was so good. The vet picked him up to whisk him away and I saw Nolli look at me with such a sweet look in his eyes... I started to cry. The tech told us to call them at noon... and we went home to wait.

The vets office called us at 11:50 that Nolli had done well and was ready to come home. We headed up to get him... and the vet was nice enough to carry him out to the car for us. He came back in and told us that everything went well... his tumor was a sebaceous tumor and was benign. He also found a fatty tumor below the first one and removed that. Nolli also had his teeth cleaned and his front dewclaws removed. Poor baby was really groggy... and we put him on the sofa with a pillow under his head and his soft blanket over him. He was shaky for quite awhile... and I spent quite a bit of time bent over him, giving him kisses and rubbing his head to calm him. We let him sleep for as long as he wanted... and he woke up while we were eating dinner. His dinner per the Vet's instruction was browned ground beef... and he ate all that I gave him. He's been pretty good about not trying to take his bandages off because he has so much experience with vet wrap on his front paws. Oh... and the vet also trimmed up Nolli's nails very short, which was an extra blessing as I was going to have to take Nol to the groomers this next week.

That has been most of our day... part of it has been "trying" as DH has a new all in one printer that doesn't want to work and he's spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to get tech support to understand the issue. I think he has figured out part of the problem tonight... tomorrow we shall see! And... the wind has finally arrived with this storm... it's snowing sideways and blowing like crazy!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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JO said...

hey - I am glad your Nolli is ok. I need to make an appointment to have our little Lucy spayed - and I keep putting it off. Part of it is the surgery and part the expense!