Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not Exactly the Way I Planned

I went back to physical therapy... and when we started going through my evaluation and what was going to happen, it wasn't even what I thought! I had prepared myself for electro-shock therapy on my lower spine. We instead spent the time with me being either on my back with my knees up or being flat on my stomach and doing half push-ups.

I've been instructed that I cannot bend from the waist, not allowed to pick anything up, (including a little red dog) and to refrain from sitting too long and... the best part... No Housework, No loading or unloading the dishwasher! Once I get through the next 2 days, I am suppose to start this "No doing things" phase for 4 days. I will have to be on my stomach on the bed doing half-push ups in 2 5-10 rep series every 1 to 2 hours. Crazy stuff.

Tomorrow is Nolli-dogs surgery day. We are due to have 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow. I am not happy about that. I'm still not sure how I am going to get Nolli in and out of the car after... being that I am not suppose to do any lifting!

My next appointment for p/t is Wednesday morning. I am hoping to have some real progress.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Well, you poor little thing!!! You're just not getting a break. I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this. I have much to be grateful for so I won't kvetch too much about having my wallet stolen at Kroger's yesterday afternoon. There I was with a cart full of groceries and no way to pay for it. I drove home (just around the corner), called my bank and cancelled my debit card, called AMEX cancelled that (while the thief was trying to buy something at Best Buy for $1,300! Then, I got some cash out of my freezer, drove back to the store to pay for my groceries (stuff I really needed!!). Best Buy has a photo of the thief if the police can see their way clear to just go get it!!! But, I'm rambling... As I said I have much to be grateful for and I'm not dealing with anything near the challenge you are. I was so hoping you would be ready to sing and dance by now. Just know you're in my thoughts and prayers, Little Sis! Love, April

Suzanne said...

Holy Cow! I think I would DIE if someone stole my wallet! (I am too used to small town life these days!) Sissy... I would be so traumatized by that... that is a HUGE DEAL. I hope they do catch the guy who did that to you - that's terrible. It's such a hassle to cancel everything and then wait for the replacements. Do you have to get a new driver's license as well?

I will be ok... this is a bit of a challenge, but I'll make it thru ok! OH... my furniture was delivered today... and the sofa didn't fit, so it had to go back! I will have to custom order something that can come apart.

Love you Sis... hope things get better for you!