Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dog Day Morning

Today was the day for both dogs to go to the Vet. They were both very excited as I pulled out collars and leashes. Nolli was especially excited... he knew a car ride was involved. We made the trip across town just fine... and we were able to park in handicapped parking. (Yay!)

We made our way inside to the waiting room... it was filled with 4 other pet owners and we chose a spot at the backside near an older Bernese Mountain dog. He was sweet and beautiful, but as he walked away from us for his turn in the exam room... you could see his hip problem and how hard it was for him to walk. (awwww...) Nolli waited so sweet and patient. Punky was a little basket case and needed to be held. We were called 3rd... and made our way to the exam room. Nolli figured it out and started to bark a little bit. He doesn't bark much, so it surprised me a little.

We waited in the exam room for quite awhile... and Nolli literally sat in front of the door facing away from the room. He was ready to leave as soon as possible. When the Veterinarian came in, Punky was the first to be examined. We discussed what I knew about her... and he gave her a thorough going over. At the end, after she had her shots... he picked her up and weighed her. I was more than surprised to discover my little girl has gained weight... she weighs a whole 10 pounds now!

Next up was Nolli dog. I discussed why we were there aside from shots. He needs to have his teeth cleaned... and his dew claws need to be removed. They have always been a problem for him and get caught on things. Then I told him about Nolli's boo-boo on his tummy. He has had a spot on his tummy that won't heal. We will almost get it there... and then it flares up and gets all yucky. He has a pretty good infection on it now... and the doctor rolled him over to get a real good look. It has become very swelled in the last few days... and it's actually a tumor that has to come off. He's scheduled for surgery in a week. Poor baby... I feel so bad for him. And of course, it will need to be biopsied. I am hoping that it's something benign. Nolli was so exhausted after going to the vet... he's slept all day. I'm going to spoil him rotten until his surgery day.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

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maranda said...

I hope everything turns out okay.