Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Early Morning...

I woke up early to help get DH off to work... he's got a long day ahead in Philly... driving in snow and ice. All that I can do in the morning... is pray for traveling mercies and a hedge of protection around him and his truck.

It's been quite a short night for me... I received a call from my sister that my Mom had passed at 1:20 pm PST yesterday. Both of my sisters and my Aunt and Uncle were there with her... she had started to sing as she went... and quietly said bye... it was a peaceful, loving passing. I am so glad to know that she is in heaven, singing and dancing with Jesus. She has lots of friends up there... I'm sure she found Miss Mable and they are both dancing together as they talk about Jules and I... I'm sure that Sandy's Mom found her, as did Lizzy's Mom Leah, and she is being shown around with lots of laughter. I was on the phone a lot with friends, text messages and online with facebook, with comments and chats with friends and my nephew... well in to the night. That has brought me great comfort and love and support! Last night, I could hear her singing again... and I was able to sleep a little bit.

I don't know what the future holds for this family. I have been placed in the "hot seat" because I blog about what is going on in my life and feelings about it. It's not been my intention to make anyone look bad in what they were doing to care for my Mom. They did a good job with her... and my only intention was that Mom be made as comfortable as possible. Hospice ended up being the answer to that and she was well cared for. But now there is a chasm because of my perspective... and how I wrote about it (that post has since been deleted.) My feelings are just that, my feelings... and anyone who knows me well... knows I will be quite direct with them. So... now I pray for guidance and once again pray that one word prayer, "help" as I often do about things I don't understand.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.