Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday!

Ackkkkkkkk! It really is Monday. My keyboard is acting funny since it slide off the roll-out shelf last night. And I was almost done with this post and I somehow managed to erase it! Add to that being woke up by my DH this morning by my cell phone and then having a little orange dog poop all over my kitchen floor while I was getting dressed to take her out... you've got the start to my Monday!

I was all set to tell you about our great weekend... and how we bought a new cool file cabinet and how I've been busy with getting things more organized around here. And about DH going to the eye doctor... he's getting some cool new glasses... and how I focused Saturday to be all about him and taking care of things that he really needed. Sorry... but that's about all the time I have left now... as the cable guy is coming today... we've been waiting since the end of January to have them bring us another cable box.

Oh... has anyone noticed that "blogger" has changed the page format and all the cool fonts and neato stuff you could use to add or edit your posts are now gone. I don't like it... and it's much harder to add graphics and photos... I think I need to go looking for another host. (Darn Google.)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Sandra said...

Just checking in Suzanne and glad to know that life is carrying on reasonably well. Best always, Sandra

Suzanne said...

Thank you for the comment, Sandra... I am trying as best I can. Some days are harder than others... but I know that my Mom loved me and I know that my husband and my brother and my half sister also love me. That goes a very long way in carrying me through.