Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prayerful Waiting...

Yesterday... I was able to spend some time on the phone with my half-sister, April. It was so wonderful to talk with her and partake of her wisdom. She gave me great strength and understood my point of view... it was refreshing! Even though my heart is very heavy and I am missing my family, I know that soon my Mom will transition from this world and will be in heaven, dancing and singing and praising God with his Angels. Last night... I could hear my Mom singing one of her favorite songs in her soft soprano voice in my head. She loved the song "When We All Get to Heaven"... and I could hear her clicking her tongue on the chorus. It gave me great hope as I know when it's my turn... she'll be there to greet me... singing and dancing.

Anyway... I just want to say Thank You to April... for her kind words. For validation of my feelings... and giving credence to my point of view about life, death, family and processes.

It was a tough night for me... my sister Robbie sent me an email with pictures of my Mom. She is small and frail and drawn. As I await further news... all I can do is pray for peace and love to carry her over... and peace and love within my family.

Thank you for reading... be blessed.

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