Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whew! Moving is stressful!

Okay... Here I am! I did a huge cut and paste on the all the posts on my other page. It's really new, so there wasn't too much to move. It still stressed me a little as I did it. So... all the posts under this look like I was a lunatic and sat here all day. Believe me when I say... no way would I sit in front of a computer all day on a Saturday if I wasn't getting paid. (That would have been at my last job... ummm. hi everyone at Verizon Wireless... I do miss my old team! I always have stuff to do with DH!)

Speaking of doing stuff... we took off today on a little jaunt eastward. We weren't too far from NYC, up in the Pocono's. Our original plan didn't pan out... so we stopped at Crossroads Outlets. This was a ton of fun for both of us... and we snagged some good stuff for the house. It's always an adventure to go and find something new in our area and neither of us had been that far east on I-80 to know what was up there. We came home... ate leftovers from dinner last night, and snuggled into bed to watch afternoon tv... because it was pouring down rain and so windy, you just didn't want to be out it anymore. Poor Nolli got a real shower when he went out for his potty break. He's still damp in a couple of spots, 4 hours later!

So... it's been a busy day here at Sugarloaf Cottage. I bought a new skillet, new flatware and a garlic press at Pfaltzgraft, and a great magnetic knife board to hang up on the cabinet from a gourmet shop. We also picked up a few other little things we have been wanting... all kitcheny things. We were sad to see that Pfaltzgraft stores are going out of the outlet business and will be online order only! Boooo! Hoooo! to that, as I have loved their shops for years and years. (At least 19 of them!) Anyway.... here's to life in my new spot... I plan on being around here alot!

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