Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy With Mundane Things...

Yesterday was the L-word for me. Not That "L-word".... it was Laundry day. It is not an easy chore for me. We still don't have our washer fixed, so instead of hauling it all to the basement, I haul it all to the laundry mat. I kinda put it off for a couple of days... so it seemed like there was a ton of it. Actually, there was a bit more than I usually do, 2 2bushel baskets, 1 1 1/2bushel basket and a 1 bushel sized basket full of towels, bedding, jeans, DH's work t-shirts and some of my fall and winter clothing. What normally takes me about 2 hours, took me almost 4! Thank Goodness, I only have to carry it down to the car and in and out of the laundry mat... DH has the duty of unloading and carrying it up the stairs. Whew... I was pretty wiped out at the end of it.

After getting it all put away, I so wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. (I'm fighting fatigue again, darn it... I miss my thyroid.) DH was kind and realized how tired I was and suggested that we go out for dinner. We ended up at a little chinese restaurant near our mall and it was fabulous! We had egg drop soup that was thick and rich and flavorful, spring rolls, cashew chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and some of the best pork fried rice ever! The portions were very generous. the rice had huge chunks of roast pork and my cashew chicken had large pieces of chicken, huge chunks of water chesnuts and veggies and tons of nuts. It was so good. DH had the sweet and sour chicken, and the tempura was perfect and the chicken pieces were yummy, sauce was good and even had pineapple in it! We feel like we finally hit a home run with this restaurant. The server was an older lady, with a good sense of humor and was very attentive. We left her a very good tip and we are looking forward to going back again. It made a mundane day end on a good note!

DH got a call at 8pm last night for a night call. He finally made it back home at 1:30 this morning. Needless to say, I had a rough nights sleep as I awoke when he came in, when he came to bed, when I realized that he left lights on, and when I got up to turn stuff off... decided to sit at the computer for about an hour. 6:30 came way too soon for me this morning and I will again, fight fatigue all day. There are things I need to do today... I need to go to Wal-Mart, CVS, and stop at the furniture store to see if that little lamp I love is still there. (And maybe go upstairs and look for a little pin-up lamp to go over my sewing machine, and maybe a little shelf too.)

Oh... While we were out for dinner, we got a call about a Craigslist ad about some chairs, I think they will be a good match to our table and are only $125 for 4 chairs with leather seats! I showed the picture to DH and he liked them as well... so Saturday, we are off to East Stroudsberg in the Pocono's to pick them up. I am so excited about that!Off to go and start my day... I so want to get back into bed! Gotta continue on thru the fatigue!
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