Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunday Lazy's For Me

Here I sit... and I have been on and off the computer all day. I did the necessary edits to my (long) resume and redid the application for my interview for tomorrow. I have my outfit ready and I have changed my bag to my business bag instead of my little summer cotton bag. (I guess it's time to put that one away.) We were being pretty lazy for most of the day, watching tv. All of sudden we heard band music, as in marching band music! We raced downstairs and realized that there was a harvest parade going on over on main street! We raced down as fast as we could to catch the tail end of it. I later discovered when I went to the post office that it started at 2 today. Had I known, I would have been there for the entire thing. I need to get better at reading the bulletin board when I go to the post office from now on!

I made a fabulous dinner tonight, using the produce and staple items we picked up yesterday. I made stuffed green peppers for DH, as he requested them. They turned out so very yummy and there is enough for another whole meal! Yay for me! I still need to go through all my boxes of clothes. When we moved here, it was summer and I wasn't planning on looking for work right away. I only ever unpacked just my suitcase and what I had in hanging garment boxes. I never went through all the other stuff, like my skirts and sweaters for fall and winter, and clothes that I need to decide to keep or give to Salvation Army. (There is a lot of stuff I just need to let go of and clean house! It makes me miss my Mommy, as she is good at doing that very thing.)

I also had a training session with Nolli. Little dog took off running this morning after a walker and her dog. DH had to chase him down in his pj's and was not a happy man about it. So, for this upcoming week, I am going to be walking the driveways with Nolli to get him back to leash walking and working on sit/stay and heel. He gets the sit/stay for the most part, but when you call him to come, he runs so hard and fast that he feels out of control and I want him to come directly to me. I think he will get it eventually. I need to remember to take the little training treats down with me! Al tho he's happy with praise and pets.

That's what life in the village was about today... we didn't go anywhere or spend any money!
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