Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Down in the Valley...

Wow... it's hard to believe that the pics in the previous post were taken just a little over a week ago. We are in the midst of our FIRST Winter Storm! I feel lucky to live in the valley right now. Up in Lackawanna County at Moosic Lake, they got 10 inches of snow. And up in Freeland.... which is only 10 miles away.... straight across the valley and up on the hill... they also got 10 inches of snow! We have just had heavy rain/snow mix. It was coming down for awhile with those big featherbed-pillow fight sized flakes. Poor DH is out in this stuff.... and having to go between work sites today. Luckily, schools are closed today, so the roads shouldn't have too many people on them!

They said we could have at least an inch or two tonite... but it will all be gone by Thursday and Friday should be good for the kids for trick-or-treating! Time to go and get my stuff done for today and start sauce for dinner... Spaghetti always sounds good when it snows.

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