Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a Crazy Wednesday!

I have to admit....some days I am soooo Happy to be Home! It was so cold this morning... the furnace kept coming on. And I crawled back into bed around 8 because I was so cold. (Altho, I am always cold without my thyroid! It could be 77 degrees outside and I would be cold.) I snoozed off and on for about an hour or so. I woke up and it was still cold, but made myself get out of bed. It was very overcast. I went to computer to do email... and an hour later, I looked up, and it was snowing to be all heck! I went and got myself dressed in warmer clothes thinking it was going to be one of those "stay in days." Here it is... another hour later... and the sun is shining and all the snow is gone. That's life down here in the valley!

It's also crazy because I sent an email to my friend Liz.... the one who came and stood up with me when I married my sweet man this past spring. Her email bounced back! She hasn't answered any of my text messages or voice mails recently, and now I am getting concerned. I just sent another text message to her, asking if she is okay... we shall see if I get an answer. Lizzy and I have been friends for over 20 years... sheesh, it's almost 30 years! We don't always stay in constant touch, but she will usually give me an answer. She has gone thru some tough stuff recently and I am concerned about how she is handling all the stress of starting a new college career and working full time with the break up of her marriage and the loss of her "friend" as he chose his wife and kids over her. She is hurting so badly... and I try to be as loving and non-judgemental as I can be... and I know that it is hard for her that I finally got married to a fabulous man. I just worry that she is going to shut me out of her life and she won't know how much I love and care about her.

My dear friend "N" shared with me this past week that a former co-worker was fired along with my replacement. My former employer has not made good choices in who they let go... over the years, I have heard of several people that had been fired for no reason and they have kept other people that should have been let go a long time ago. No rhyme or reason to it... just office politics and who doesn't like who. When it happened to me... I know it was nothing more than a certain 2 people who didn't like the fact that I was willing to protect company assets and they knew I had the goods on them. It was easier to fire me than have their little secret get out. And I know that many people within the company were shocked and saddened about what happened to me. (But there is a silver lining, I know that God took me out of there, he gave me a better paying job with fabulous benefits and it allowed me to finally meet DH!) I miss working with "N" and our drives in to work everyday. It's nice to be able to email her during the day.

Well... on with the day! Dinner tonight will be glazed pork chops and garlic mashed potatoes and some yummy fall veggies. I might even get it together to make some fresh dinner rolls... we had the last of what I had stashed in the freezer with some Harvest Soup on Monday. Sweet DH just called to say that he is going to have more overtime today! Isn't God good? I hate that he has to work so hard... but God provides for us as I look for work!

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