Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Monday Already?

My, how this weekend flew by! We always have so much fun together that weekends should be much longer than they are! We had a great day yesterday... being at home and taking our time with projects. DH got the final pieces of his desk in the guestroom put together and he put my rolling clothes rack together. Now the real fun comes as I start to unpack garments and hang and steam them. I've got to get the summer clothes put away and get out the winter things.

Healthwise, I have been fighting fatigue still! This morning I woke up with my chest very tight and wonderful palpitations. I took my medicine and some baby aspirin, got DH out the door and went back to bed. I slept hard until almost 10. I don't know why I am needing 10-12 hours of sleep lately. I just can't get enough rest. When we went shopping on Saturday, normally I would have canvased most of the stores at the center we were at... nope, too tired to do it. I think, also, I didn't want to be tempted to make any more purchases and have to dip into savings to do it. It was much better to buy just what we needed and not what I wanted!

Anyway, I am staying in today. Not going to the post office, not picking up the few things we need at the store... I am staying put! I've decided to pull out some soup and rolls that I made a few weeks ago from the freezer... so it will be an easy dinner for tonite! I hope that my energy returns soon and I get a creative streak going as soon as possible!

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